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Posted on 01/22/2020 in Internet Marketing

Grow Your Business Through Buyer Persona Research.

Grow Your Business Through Buyer Persona Research.

Grow Your Business Through Buyer Persona. 

When starting out a business, it is not always easy to understand what your customers may expect or what will motivate them to stay loyal to you.  That is why researching and understanding the characteristics of your target audience is important.  In these days of social media and stiff competition, getting out of the box and being creative about your marketing tactics plays a huge role in the success of your business. 

When creating your marketing strategy, taking into consideration the character and mindset of your target audience should very much be part of it.  This strategy referred to as researching buyer persona, involves much more, but is becoming more popular in today's business world.  

What is Buyer Persona?

Buyer persona is the process of conducting and researching information about your target market.  It will tell you who your target customers are, what their pain points are, how they make decisions, what their days are like, just to name a few. The result from your research if done right, can benefit your business in multiple ways.  That is why the focus of your research should be about getting relevant information from actual buyers in your niche.   

A more conscientious approach in using this strategy as a small business owner is to start with a few customers and expand as you grow. As a new entrepreneur, you may even find it a little challenging at the beginning.  But by conducting it regularly, you get accustomed to it.  Understanding how to use it will eventually provide unlimited benefit your business.

First things First - Know Your Target Market

When a buyer persona is well researched, you can get insight about your active customers and your prospective ones. You’ll be able to understand their shopping habits, their needs and wants,  what motivates them, their likes, their challenges and pain points and so on.  

The result of your findings will allow you to better connect with them, providing the products and services they may be trying to find or may need.

Personalize your advertising to reach your target  audience.

After you've completed your research, you should be able to recognize your target audience.  Use the information you gathered to customize your advertising and promotions.  Each advertisement should revolve around the “pain points” of your target audience.  

Depending on the questions you asked during the research, you would learn a number of things including their favorite   social network hang out, conversations they are passionate about, what they are looking for their expectations and so on. This information will help you personalize your ad and place it in places where your target audience are most likely to see it. When done right, those prospects will most likely respond positively, helping you to build and grow.  Channeling your marketing efforts to the right audience can be a huge opportunity for you. 

Advertise and promote regularly.

If your marketing is a team effort, you can put together everyone's results to obtain the best possible strategy.  Since it is a team effort, everyone on the team ought to know about the results to ensure an effective marketing, sales, and customer service efforts are aligned with the needs of customers.  

Weed The Wheat From the Chaff.

This is an old saying that simply means removing the good from the bad.  As a business owner, what you think is appealing to your customers may not necessarily be what they want.  Conducting a buyer persona research will help you improve on what’s appealing to them and what doesn’t.  When you focus on what matters to them, you can boost sales and save money at the same time.  By focusing on services and products that are needed by your customers and prospective customers, you will avoid wasting money on “blind” marketing.  


If you are a small business owner who can't afford to conduct a survey on a large scale, start small and focus on creating personalized messages for each individual instead of sending bulk messages.  Individualized connections promotes an active customer engagement.  By engaging your customers, you can fine-tune your marketing methods to better accurately align with your assumptions.  The result of this process will be well worth it because the value of your business will be seen in a different light, aiding your growth.