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Posted on 04/28/2021 in Internet Marketing

Don't Let Your Business be Hidden in the Crowd - Expose Your Business Online.

Don't Let Your Business be Hidden in the Crowd - Expose Your Business Online.

 There’s no good way to be just another pretty face in the crowd when customers shop online.  

If you are a business that wants to stand out in categories that include but are not limited to an eCommerce store, finance company, insurance broker, car dealership and more, there is an online website waiting for you. According to Forrester, U.S. business-to-business (B2B) e-Commerce transactions are projected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023. The next five years should see a compound annual growth rate of at least 10% for B2B eCommerce. 

There is one website that brings businesses and customers together in a bold and new way. This is a New Jersey website that hands you the changing audience of potential customers. Prior to 2020, the baby boomers still held the power in everything from researching information data sheets to purchasing literature.  

Client exposure to the baby boomers was needed by companies from Madison Ave in New York City to Anchorage, Alaska. Client exposure among the baby boomers always led to the potential of high conversion rates that could not be beaten.  

In 2021, baby boomers were replaced by millennials, who are now the B2B buyers. Millennials grew up with technology, so they don’t have to learn it. Millennials have more college degrees than any other generation in the history of the United States. Companies that adapt their sales strategies with the Millennial way of thinking will outperform the competition. 

Expose Your Business Online brings businesses the baby boomers, millennials, and some B2C customers they never knew they would need. But even better, they are offering small business owners an opportunity to showcase, advertise, market and expose their businesses and products to potential Online buyers, at no charge.  

This offer is the complete package offered to New Jersey businesses, to help owners revamp their businesses, many of whom suffered during the Pandemic.  

How often do millennials and baby boomers get a chance to list their business on a website that appeals to the changing internet audience, customers, and clients in the New Jersey area? 

Expose Your Business Online offers much more than a place for businesses to list their eCommerce product, service, or website. They also offer businesses an opportunity to find their niche specialty or location area they want to dominate. By the time you’re presented to the website users, you’ve already gone through what the customer wants others to do to save them time and effort.  

Customers will know your business is already top-rated in your respective e-Commerce category through their advertising platform. For example:

If customer needcredit repair, there’s a place for them to safely land with the detailed information and research about your credit repair business lined up and waiting for them to go over.   

If you decided to pursue your dream after the COVID 19 pandemic and now offer dream weddings and honeymoons to Paradise, Expose Your Business Online will get your new happily-ever-after business off the ground in style in 2021. 

No life goes without ups and some pretty serious down cycles. But if you are a Christian Counseling service and want other counseling services to know about you, this is a good place to start.  

Take restaurants for example.  There’s nothing more competitive than the restaurant business. If you want to hit the ground running after COVID 19 pandemic mandates on restaurants are lifted or eased in New Jersey, you may want a website that will tell everyone you never went anywhere, and that you are just as strong as you ever were before the closing of restaurants in 2020. You may want to let your customers know that your food is ready for date nights, friends out, or the next sporting event a customer group wants to enjoy.  

Expose Your Business Online has the marketing plan you’ve always wanted for your online presence.  Check out the categories and see if there is one waiting for your business.