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Posted on 06/07/2021 in Internet Marketing



Are you not having enough customer reviews? Or negative comments flood the review section? Try HOTH Stars.

Customer reviews could be your business’s death-or-glory. It can affect the present and future sales. Unfortunately, most of the customers who are inclined to leave reviews often leave bad reviews. HOTH Start Reputation Management Software can help you get more positive customer reviews. You can choose any site and handle negative reviews privately.

HOTH Stars help you get more customer reviews easily by inserting one code snippet on your thank you page, email footer, or email list. If customers give 4 or 5 stars, they are prompted to leave a review on your chosen site, and if they give you 1 to 3 stars and expresses the negative sentiment, they are redirected to send you a private message instead so that you can have a chance to handle the issue.

You can choose among 50 review sites, including the ones below where you want your positive reviews to be published.


 With HOTH Stars Reputation Management Software, not only can you increase your customer reviews, but you can also monitor reviews left anywhere so that you can easily respond if necessary. Positive reviews can be automatically posted on your social media as well! This keeps your stream full of positive reviews.

HOTH Stars will also generate white-label reports to give to your clients or to use personally in web-based form or PDF format. The white-label report includes rating distribution, overall average rating, individual review details, review volume and distribution, and aggregate reviews and ratings over time.

If you want to try HOTH Stars Reputation Management Software, it starts at $149 per month. Click here to know more.