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Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Despite its popularity, Search Engine Optimization is still confusing to a lot of business owners with a website or are seriously thinking of having one.  Even full time internet marketers with basic knowledge of how it works, still have a hard time optimizing their site to keep up with Google's stringent algorithm measures. That is because SEO as it is commonly referred to, is time-consuming and can be cumbersome in an effort to get maximum result.  Part of the process include a good knowledge of HTML codes, knowledge of how the search engine spiders work and a general knowledge of website issues and some do's and don'ts.  Also, because of constant changes in Google’s algorithm, it is a continuous process that needs to be maintained regularly.  However, when done correctly, it can yield big dividends for the business owner.  Your sales will soar and your business will expand, producing an astronomical return on your investment.   

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

In layman’s term, search engine optimization is the process of applying specific techniques and strategies to a website, that will cause search engine spiders to regularly crawl the site and rank it higher on the internet.  As long as the site remains active,  optimized and meet their requirements, they will keep doing so.  

The process of getting your site done right is called the "White Hat" method.  This method is the acceptable way by Google and other search engines, and is one that can provide free targeted traffic for you over time.  That is why it is important to get it done right.

What Is  The White Hat Method

Simply put, it is the SEO method that can get you ranked higher, thereby driving laser-targeted visitor to your website for as long as you remain active.  When applying a white hat method, keep target audience, keywords and content in mind. Your links, codes, meta tags and the overall quality of your site should all be done right and working perfectly.  Avoid  plagiarism at all cost.  Let your backlinks and other link building methods compliment each other and the overall concept of your business.  

Although this method takes time and requires the services of an expert, the upside is, it is a legit way to get free organic traffic, and you cannot be punished by Google.

Stay Away From Black Hat Tactics! 

Black hat methods are totally unacceptable by Google.  It is a strategy used to trick the search engines and if caught, it can result in heavily penalty.   Such penalties may include "blacklisting" your site or sending your site down so low, that you cannot be found. 

Those who are looking for a quick fix often take a chance thinking that they will never be caught;  but it is always a matter of time before they are caught.  

Effective Search Engine Optimization.

No doubt, websites that are ranked higher, gets free advertising to the right audience, and exposure to the right audience can grow a business faster. Your products or services are constantly shown to millions of searchers and potential buyers who shop on the internet daily, making it possible for you to make multiple sales in one day. 

Another great advantage of a good SEO is its ability to help you build a list of targeted buyers.  As the saying goes, "The Money Is In The List."  This is true for those who are building a niche-specific lists or have built one or more over the years. Having a sign-up form will give you the ability to do that.  Though there maybe some tire kickers and even bots fooling around, there are many more who would like you to learn more about your business and will have no problem filling out the form with their correct information.  If you market your business well. the latter can become your customers in the long run.  

With this general overview of search engine optimization, does every website owner need to invest in SEO?  Absolutely!  The competition is getting stiffer and getting a website fully and accurately optimized is a must.  If your business is not doing well Offline, a strong Online presence can keep your head above waters.  That is one of the main reason why every small business owner should consider having an optimized website.  Don't fall victim to a bad economy and end up closing a business you've worked so hard to get off the ground.  An optimized website will give you an edge over your competition 

SEO grows businesses faster than conventional methods.  Although referral marketing, postcards, flyers, door hangers, etc still maintain their place in the advertising world,  they have limitations.  Geographical and trying to reach buyers of your niche can greatly hamper your marketing efforts, especially when it comes to cost for small business owners.    With the internet, unless you decide to scale, only the sky will be your limit.  That means, more sales...more profits.

From this general overview, a good search engine optimization for your site may not be a fly-by-night strategy but it certainly is a sure way to start strong.  

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