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The Power Of Online Directories - Pt. 3

The Power Of Online Directories - Pt. 3

The Advantages of Online Directories

Using an online directory has several advantages.  As a business owner, your main goal is to expose your business online as well as offline.  Directories can help you do that whether "free" or "paid."  The good news is, most directory owners give the option to list for free  if  you are not ready to upgrade.  Although the benefits can be limited compared to paid listing, you still get the exposure each time the search engines crawl the directory.

Talking about Google crawling, there is a major advantage when you list in a new online directory that most business owners tend to overlook.  That is, your business grows with the directory.   Searchers become familiar with your business when they see it regularly during their search.  It builds trust. When they are ready to buy your products, chances are, they will buy from the one their eyes are familiar with, instead of someone they don’t know and have never seen.  Building a successful business is all about trust.

Having said that, here are some more advantages when you list in an online directory.

Increase traffic to your website or physical location.

Whether you are a free or paid member, your business will get more exposure.  People who find local businesses in an online directory, will most likely visit the business location or their website.  In addition to that, every time Google spiders crawl the directory and increase its rankings, it exposes the businesses registered in that directory and increase their rankings too.  This domino effect will drive more people to your site or location.  A direct, targeted traffic could potentially soar.

Advertise…Showcase and Expose your business.  

In the heart of every entrepreneur is one goal…to be successful in making money.  So, I’m assuming that you also want to be part of the statistics of successful entrepreneurs.  You are looking for a way to advertise, showcase and expose your business, because you understand that more exposure you get, the more sales you generate.  Getting your business listed in an online directory is an effective way to get that accomplished.

Because directories are made up of businesses in different categories, when searchers are searching for products and services, they will have an opportunity to choose among the ones that show up in their search.  The likelihood of your business being found increases tremendously if you are listed.  Afterwards, you probably have spent a lot of money to get your website search-engine ready for higher rankings.  It's about getting exposure and traffic and ultimately generating sales. 

That’s the power of Online directories!  They help in more than one way to promote your business and bring you potential customers.

Show expertise and professionalism in your niche

Content is king on the internet and Google loves website with good information.  When your website is professionally done and is filled with information that benefits the public, it will not only make you look professional, it will help build trust even among people whom you have never met.  Not only that, Google will keep pushing you up their engines and getting you higher rankings at no cost, especially if you are listed in a directory.  When people read how knowledgeable you are in your field, you will have no problem getting them to like and trust you.  Good content represents professionalism, even if you are just sitting at your kitchen table conducting business.  It also increases the potential for you to get laser-targeted Leads.  

Because Online directories are considered to be some of the most trusted websites due to the verification process involved for legitimacy, people trust the information listed there.  That is why a directory is one of the first places people go when searching for local businesses. 

Save cost in advertising

Promotion and advertising are the foundation of any business.  But that can take a toll on the business if care and tact are not used.  Every entrepreneur likes a good but cost-effective advertising.  If they can run inexpensive campaigns and reap a satisfactory Return on Investment (ROI), they’ll be all for it. Unfortunately, for most small business owners, getting good advertising is not cheap,  They don’t usually have the budget for that.  Online directories can come in handy.  Whether “free” or “paid,” advertising broadens the possibility of exposing your brand when people find you in a directory.  It is as effective as a TV or Radio Ad, yet quite inexpensive.  People can even bookmark your website if they like your products or services, so they can return later.

Engage old customers and Inspire new Ones

Depending on the package you choose, this can be a great way to engage your old customers and build new ones. If you select the paid option that gives you more features, you can have your own blog, write content about your products, show pictures and videos and have a Capture page that captures your visitors' information for future communication.  Your old customers will be delighted to hear from you and your new customers will be inspired to support you.   It's all about keeping your customers engaged.

Grow your Business and increase Revenue.

After highlighting some of the major benefits of an Online directory, it is clear that having a listing greatly contributes to the growth of your business.  This ultimately leads to an increase in clientele and revenue.  

If you would like to list your business in my directory, visit  Expose Your Business Online.  There are "Free" and "Paid" Options available, and you are under no obligation to purchase or upgrade.

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