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The Power Of Online Directories - Conclusion

The Power Of Online Directories - Conclusion

The Power of Online Directories - Conclusion

It is no secret that the internet is truly an information super highway.  Almost everything you want to know about can be found on the internet.  Sometimes if you are not focused on the intent of your search, it can get confusing because everything spins around like a web.  Generally, that's how it's suppose to be and that's why it's  made up of WEBsites.  

With that said, the question on the mind of a business owner when deciding to embark on marketing and advertising Online is:

"Which page will give me the best Return On Investment (ROI)?’ 

The answer to that question depends on the following: 

1)  If you want to target buyers for a specific product or service, the information page is where your traffic should be directed.  It is a very important page because typically, people don’t just jump on the internet to buy.  They first try to get information about a product or service they need.   Then, they may do a price check before taking out their credit card. Unless the visitor is someone that know and trust you, buyers will most likely buy from whoever  provides the best information.  When people are satisfied with the information you have provided,  personal affiliation becomes secondary. By providing the relative information on what a searcher is looking for, you are actually pre-selling.  Pre-selling is a method of marketing that allows you to first inform the customer before getting them to buy from you.  That is why content is king on the internet, and Google loves sites with good content over websites with all the bells and whistles but little information.

An Online directory gives you the option to do just that.  Depending on the package you choose, you can write an in-depth description of your products or services, or an article about your best-selling products or services, upload an audio or video according to the requirements of the owner, and give "special sales or discounts" any time you want, without a website.  One of the greatest advantage is that, you can piggy back on the traffic driven to the site by other members apart from the normal SEO process.

Secondly, if you intend to only target your listing to a specific geographical location, then that's where your focus should be.  Creating a specific web page for that location is absolutely necessary.  That means, the web address for that location should be primary, while other important information like your social media presence or your contact page be secondary.  Those can be in a separate page that is clickable to make it easy for residents that may want to find out where exactly you are located.  The reason is, local residents prefer supporting businesses in their local area because they see that as a development for the community.  If you prefer playing it safe, then sending traffic to your "Home page" is an appropriate alternative.   

Getting The Most Out Of Your Listing or Listings

Now that we’ve covered the advantages of being listed in Online directories, let’s recap.   

Start by identifying the directories you want to list your business on.  That includes directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google my Business, Merchant Circle, Bing Places (which are some of the largest directories), and then consider smaller  directories  like ours, Expose Your Business Online, whose focus is to help small business owners build and grow by providing an advertising platform, PLUS  information, business news and press releases, resources and tools to help entrepreneurs and small business owners.

When you register with us, make sure all the information about your business is accurate.  That includes:

- Your Business Name
- Your Business Phone Number
- Your Location (including maps and photo of your location, if necessary)
- Your Business Hours
- Your Contact Person
As already mentioned, depending on the package you choose you can add pictures, audios and videos (based on directory owner’s guidelines), plus any other pertinent information that will engage visitors and create a powerful user experience.  You can even add some positive reviews obtained from your already loyal customers.

If available, use additional enhancements like Bold Headlines, Colored Text and Underline  so that your business stands out.  

It is also good practice to list in a local directories if you just want to focus on your local market and include geo-specific keywords and information.  An example will be:

“Regina’s Consulting Services in North Brunswick”

Always update when you make any changes to your business information.  This may be any one of the following:

Change of location

Change of telephone number

Change of email address, etc.

Doing this will not only ensure consistent showcasing of your business, it will also boost your credibility and help with your SERP rankings.  Your best reminder to these minor but important task is your phone.  Program your phone to send you important reminders of such tasks that needs to be taken care of quickly.   

Encourage your customers to leave you positive reviews and include them in your listings.

Finally!  Use relevant keywords that will point searchers to your listings.  However, remember “paid” listings take top spots in any directory whether small or large. 

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