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Posted on 07/14/2019 in eCommerce & Internet Marketing

The Benefits of Having An All-In-One Platform For Your Merchant Account.

The Benefits of Having An All-In-One Platform For Your Merchant Account.

Advantages of a Payment Processor that Provides Everything You Need.        

If you are a small business owner who accepts credit cards, you know by now that Payment processing can be complex.  If you are new to the process, it makes it even worse.   Unfortunately, if you become intimidated because of the tedious process and you decide not to accept medium of payment, you will definitely be losing a significant amount of money which can ultimately hinder your business growth.  

That is why having a software solution that simplifies your payment operation is vital.   An automated cloud-based payment solution that integrates with every aspect of your business is ideal, making it easy to track merchant services, credit card services and mobile processing. Here are the essential advantages of using a modern turnkey payment processor solution for your business.

1. Automation Saves You Time and Money

An automated solution for paying vendors in the supply chain saves time and reduces labor costs, especially for large companies with large accounting departments. The automation further cuts down on redundant tasks in the workplace so that employees can focus on other top priorities.  Issuing a mass payment is an efficient way to speed up tedious work without human errors.

2. Centralized User-friendly Dashboard

The best payment processor solution allows business owners and managers to monitor their business transactions in real time.  These days, with the growth of technology, payment information should be easy to access from any device and from any location.  The system should give payees access to status information on payments, which reduces inquiries that can affect business relationships.

3. Better Relationships with Vendors

One of the most important reasons for using a cloud-based platform especially, is to create better relationships with vendors by maintaining organized files on them. Building profiles on each supplier with an accurate contact information makes it easier to communicate with them if there is a problem. Ultimately, the cloud-based automated method is the fastest way to pay vendors.  When vendors are satisfied, it helps to strengthen long-term relationships and can even lead to free referral advertising for your business.

4. Helps Accountants

A centralized automated cloud solution provides easy access to real time data for accountants to track  payment status of various accounts. . With this information at their fingertips they can do a better monthly budget analysis, thereby minimizing or completely eliminating major errors.

5. Works with Private Label Partnerships

Business partners can collaborate in the cloud, which is ideal for a business owner to pay others quickly. Private labels, which rely on third parties for offering their products or services, can run lean operations due to the simplicity of cloud solutions. Paying suppliers quickly creates a positive track record of trust and reliability.


Finally, your payment processor system should track all merchant services to ensure that proper payment is made.  Instead of assigning an employee to research credit card services or mobile processing, you can have them work on the things that machines can't do, while automation takes care of the payment processing and other important aspects of your business.

To learn more about merchant services and the benefits of having an all-in-one merchant platform click on the link below.