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Posted on 09/27/2018 in eCommerce & Internet Marketing

Retaining Your Loyal Customers While Acquiring New Ones.

Retaining Your Loyal Customers While Acquiring New Ones.

Retaining Your Loyal Customers While Acquiring New Ones.

The goal of every business owner is to have a thriving business.  But having a successful business is being able to consistently acquire new customers while retaining your loyal ones.  Until now, only large corporations and big businesses where able to do that consistently because, they could afford to enroll in customer reward programs.   The cost of this very effective marketing strategy was so high, that small business owners were left behind.   The only alternative they had was to depend on the traditional method of word-of-mouth advertising, which is still effective but moves at a much slower pace than before.  Applying this old method may work for you.  But by the time you acquire your projected list of customers, you would have been drowned by your competitor who is using modern applications. 

Technology has changed the entire business world.  Advertising, marketing and promotional strategies is now a level playing field and not just for the high and mighty.  But it will only work for business owners who take advantage of the tools and resources that flow with the trend.  No matter the size of your business, if you keep abreast with your competition, you will have your own piece of the pie.

In this age of advanced technology and stiff competition, your business cannot survive without an effective ways to engage your customers.  That includes quickly notifying them of give-aways, special discounts, close out sales and sending anniversary messages, just to name a few at the push of a button.   When it comes to constantly developing your list of customers, time is of the essence.  Fortunately, you don’t have to stretch yourself too thin trying to keep up with the demands of customer retention.  Let the experts carry the heavy load for you, while you focus on your business growth. 

That’s where Customer Loyalty and Rewards programs come in.  It can actually take your business to the next level.  Here are some of the benefits you get to enjoy when you enroll in a customer loyalty and rewards program. 

  • Your campaigns are targeted so your money is not wasted in blind marketing.
  • When you enroll in a customer rewards program, you create an opportunity for your customers to help spread the word about your business through word-of-mouth advertising.  
  • You get to capture and retain all your first-time customers, which is an easy way to grow your clientele.
  • When a customer is not happy, they will let you know.  That way, you get to take care of the problem before the damage begins on the internet.  Poor reviews are bad for business.   Don’t be a victim.
  • It’s a good way to get to know the people in your community.  Connect with them on Facebook and other social media platforms.  People are more likely to give you their business if they trust you.  Establishing a social media presence is an effective way to build trust.
  • When you offer your established customers a good deal, chances are, they will most likely mention it to their friends, co-workers, family and associates.  When they get the deal, they too will mention it to people in their own network of friends and associates, and so on.  Do you see how powerful that is and why so many businesses are getting involved?  It’s a time saver and you get to enjoy the free advertising.  

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