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Posted on 12/07/2018 in eCommerce & Internet Marketing

Don't Take Life For Granted. Protect Yourself and Your Family From Assailants & Kidnappers

Don't Take Life For Granted. Protect Yourself and Your Family From Assailants & Kidnappers

Consider the following statistics. In the United States, about 1500 children are kidnapped every year, one in every three women is going to experience some form of sexual violence, and there are an approximate 1,030,000 home invasions every year. Moreover, 38 percent of all reported assault cases and 60 percent of all reported rapes will occur during home invasions.

After looking at those appalling statistics, it is not a matter of debate; you need to be able to protect yourself from violent crime and your home from invasions.

Nevertheless, for most people, especially women, taking proactive steps towards personal protection is a difficult endeavor as it often means facing their vulnerabilities. Just to get peace of mind, many people tend to reassure themselves with statements such as; ‘I haven’t done anyone wrong so no one is looking to harm me’ or “My neighborhood is safe.” Nonetheless, deep down you know that none of those statements hold water.

Thus, taking a proactive approach and arming yourself is just a rational way of thinking. The following are some of the methods you can use to protect yourself and those you love.

1. Personal Safety Using Personal Alarms

You must be able to protect yourself when the situation calls for it. Nonetheless, there is so much you can do when you are alone and the person attacking you is much stronger than you. However, if you have a personal alarm with you, your chances of surviving the ordeal increase substantially.

A personal alarm is an inexpensive device that emits loud sirens when activated. Personal alarms are usually small, portable, and do not break the bank. They are popularly disguised as key chains, pendants, or watches.

If you find yourself in a precarious situation, pressing its button will set off a very loud and shrill alarm. Some even come with flashing LED lights to help attract attention. As such, it could come in handy when you want to protect yourself from sexual assault.

Nevertheless, the primary purpose of the personal alarm is not to call for help, but rather, to scare the attacker away through loud, ear-piercing noises. The sudden noise will shock and scare the criminal. More importantly, the initial disorientation it causes the attacker could allow you to make an escape or defensive maneuver in those few critical moments.

Unlike other personal safety devices, the personal alarm cannot be used against you. Moreover, today’s personal alarms are configured so that they can send distress signals to certain phone numbers. As such, if someone was expecting you then they receive the distress signal, they will immediately know something is wrong and take measures to find and save you.

2. Stop Kidnappers Using GPS Trackers

As much as you would love to have your eyes glued on your child, it is not always possible. During these times, a lot of things could happen. We love the innocence in kids but, unfortunately, it may also attract people with sinister intentions.A personal tracker can help you keep your child safe in the following ways:
 Know your child’s location at any given moment

The personal tracker is GPS enabled thus allowing you to know their exact location in real time. Thus, if you notice they are in an area they shouldn’t be, you can take immediate measures to prevent any incidences.

 Receive Notifications Any Time They Go Beyond a Certain Area

You can utilize the tracker’s geo-fencing feature to allow you to allocate ‘safe’ areas for the child. The device will alert you whenever the child ventures out of their safe area so that you can take quick measures.

 Alert You When Your Child Needs Assistance

You will teach the child when to press the SOS button. Whenever they are in distress, they will press the button and the device will immediately alert you in addition to giving you the child’s exact location.

Personal trackers will allow you to stop kidnappers from getting to your child as you will always be aware of their location at any given moment. Moreover, in the event of an emergency, the child will press the button so that you and the authorities can get to them in the shortest time possible.

3. Keep Your Home & Family Safe Using Security Cameras

An outdoor security camera is one of the best ways of keeping your home and family safe as it keeps you informed of all the activities occurring around your property in real time. Indoor cameras are also beneficial as they allow you to know what goes on inside your home while you are away. For instance, maybe you routinely outsource house cleaning services. Knowing what they do is essential as it allows you to know whether they are taking shortcuts or any other activities that you should know about. Moreover, knowing what the kids are up to will allow you to be always in the loop about what is going on in their lives.These cameras can be synced with your mobile device or laptop so that you can check in at any moment. Other powerful features include motion detection so that the camera alerts you about any strange movements around your house and night vision so that you can clearly see what is going on outside even when its pitch black. Moreover, a security camera is a crime-deterrent device as criminals do not want to run the risk of getting caught on camera.

All of these features allow you to keep your home & family safe as you will be able to take proactive measures whenever the camera picks up on suspicious activities and alerts you.

Take charge of your security

Whether it is in the wild or on the streets, predators always go for the easiest prey as it does not pose a major threat of injury. Unfortunately, an average woman by herself in an isolated area makes for one of the easiest targets to sexual predators.

Moreover, even if a woman is well-trained in self-defense but only weighs 100lbs, she would have a very difficult time fighting off a 200lb male assailant due to the monumental difference in strength. Using a safety device such as a personal alarm, however, will help her disorient her attacker so that she can use some defensive attacks and be able to run way. This way, you can protect yourself from sexual assault.

Trackers are useful in ensuring that you can account for the whereabouts of your loved one at any moment. This proactive approach ensures that even if someone was to attempt something on your child, law enforcement and you are going to be with them within minutes.

A camera security system ensures that your home stays protected from intruders as it notifies you beforehand of any suspicious activities happening around your home. This enables you to take proactive measures such as hiding the family and calling the authorities. Take advantage of technology to safeguard what you love. Your personal protection is vital.

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