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Posted on 09/29/2018 in eCommerce & Internet Marketing

Blogging Your Way To Higher Ranking

Blogging Your Way To Higher Ranking

Blogging is no longer a hobby or a pastime.  In just a few short years, it has become the bread and butter for some and a rank booster for businesses both small and large.  When you have good articles on your website or blog, you will not have to work so hard to get noticed by Google’s spiders.  You will not have to manipulate them by using black hat short cuts either.  They can bury your site six feet under or even get you banned.  It’s a terrible thing to be banned by Google.   Don’t let it happen to you.  Google’s algorithm changes frequently and that can negatively impact your website. 

On the other hand, when your content makes sense and is likeable, the spiders will do the heavy lifting for you and push you up the search engines.  Content likeability plays a huge role in getting you ranked higher to drive targeted traffic to your site. 

If you are looking for great content that is search engine optimized, look no further.  Let us take you to a new level of blogging.  When you contract with us, you will no longer have to come up with content that matches the concept of your business, or spend time proofreading or editing your blog.  We do it all for you.  Our team will review your website, research relevant topics and ideas, and write search engine optimized website that will get your site crawled.

Contract with us on an as-need basis or on a monthly budget, whichever way is convenient for you.  Regardless of your choice,  Expose Your Business Online will provide a service that you will be proud of.

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